Viral Posts Blaming State Governments for Delayed Installation of Oxygen Plants Are Misleading, Finds Ekta

As India saw a second wave of COVID-19 infections in India, several hospitals faced a shortage of oxygen. Amidst this alarming situation, viral posts on social media claimed Delhi and Maharashtra governments to have failed to install oxygen power plants despite receiving funds from the central government from the PM CARES Fund.

Image courtesy: BOOM

This claim was rated misleading by members of Ekta. In their detailed analyses, they bring out the facts about who is responsible, the allocation of funds and the progress made in installing the plants. Here are fact-check reports by BOOM, Factly and Webqoof. 

This post misleads people by blaming only States for the delay in installing the PSA Oxygen plants

Factly’s analysis found that the PM CARES Fund Trust allocated the fund for 162 oxygen plants to the Central Medical Supply Store (CMSS) (an autonomous body of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare), not to the States. The responsibility of establishing the plants lies with the CMSS which is a part of the Central Government. Read more

Did States Receive PM CARES Fund For Oxygen Plants?

BOOM reported that ruling parties Delhi and Maharashtra denied receiving any funds from the central government. They reported that out of the 162 sanctioned plants only 33 were installed. While Delhi and Maharashtra were allotted eight and ten plants, respectively, they have received just one each. States like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh also got one each. Himachal Pradesh got four and Madhya Pradesh got five. Read more

No, Centre Did Not ‘Allocate’ Funds for Oxygen Plants to States

Webqoof in its analysis pointed out that the tender for 150 oxygen plants was floated on 20 October 2020, nearly eight months after the central government had imposed the first lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. Read more

These stories have been published as part of the Ekta News Coalition, a collaboration of six fact-checking organisations in India. Have you seen suspicious messages, rumours or misleading information shared on social media and on your WhatsApp groups? Drop your queries on WhatsApp tiplines of Ekta members. 

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