Ekta’s Top Fact-checks From The Week Before

In the previous week Ekta addressed misinformation around various topics such as COVID-19 vaccine, politics and elections. While misinformation often follows the newscycle, there is also sporadic and region specific misinformation. In this blogpost we bring you top fact-check reports and deep dives picked by EKTA editors from the previous week.

WebQoof, the Quint’s fact-check team addressed misinformation around black fungus and vaccine wastage and false claims on conversion to Christianity 

Are Farm Chickens Spreading Black Fungus? Viral Claim Lacks Proof

No, This Video Doesn’t Show Nurse Wasting Vaccines in Aligarh

Book on ‘Conversion’ on Sonia Gandhi’s Shelf? It’s an Edited Pic

2019 Video of Patanjali’s Acharya Balkrishna at AIIMS Goes Viral

RAMDEV'S TRYST WITH MISINFORMATION: Govt Looks Away as Ramdev Keeps Spreading COVID Misinformation

 Factly brings you debunks of regional misinformation from Telugu speaking states

Old video from UP shared as girl being harassed in broad daylight in Telangana 

The union home ministry has not yet announced the implementation of CAA

Video from Maharashtra shared as visuals of ambulance driver beaten in Nizamabad government hospital

The decrease in LPG cylinder price is for commercial usage, not for domestic usage

AFP’s top pick is a piece debunking misinformation around Israel-Palestine conflict

This video shows US and Iraqi forces recapturing a holy shrine in Iraq in 2004

Vishvas News’addressed vaccine misinformation in multiple Indian languages and other claims on Facebook news feed and child marriage

Fact Check: Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier Did Not Say This About COVID-19 Vaccine, Viral Post Is Fake (Also read in Hindi, Marathi and Punjabi

In-Depth: चुनावों से जुड़ा दुष्प्रचार (Misinformation related to elections)

Fact Check: फेसबुक आपकी न्यूज फीड को 25 दोस्तों तक सीमित नहीं कर रहा, वायरल मैसेज पुराना और फर्जी (Viral post claiming Facebook is limiting your news feed is fake) 

Fact Check: आधार के मुताबिक, तस्वीर में दिख रही दुल्हन की उम्र 19 साल, बाल विवाह का दावा झूठा (The bride seen in the viral pic is a 19 year old; the claim of child marriage is fake)

Meedan’s Health Desk, a team of public health experts, provides scientific information on a range of claims and questions around the COVID-19 and other health topics.

How are vaccines and masks different when it comes to protecting against COVID-19?

What do the efficacy rates of COVID-19 vaccines mean, and do the efficacy rates impact a population’s herd immunity?

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